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Art is a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms suitable for human use. Common impression is that art is a human creation, however, millions of years of evolution have proven that art is created by nature. Discover the beauty of real dinosaur fossils and other products uncovered by our geological artists.


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Hello, we are Evolution2Art,
A team of fossil lovers.

Evolution2art first started as a creation by a group of friends and collectors passionate by the beauty of fossils created thousands or even millions of years ago. As kids we started digging, collecting, preparing and carefully selecting each of our pieces for their high quality and exquisite beauty. As such, we were able to build a private collection of our finds. With age came experience, the finishing of our finds became of higher quality and collectors started appreciating our work. We got requests for our expertise and items by collectors, musea and auction houses and as such Evolution2art was born. Today, Evolution2art has grown to become a well-known name by collectors all over the world, auction houses and by private and public musea. Our purpose is to serve our customers by delivering exquisite presentations of our work. This could be a decorative fossil piece best suited in a home to bring a certain unique atmosphere or even a more scientific museum quality piece that brings a nice addition to your private or public museum. The importance of science remains very true to us. We work closely together with paleontologists and institutes from all over the world and are keen to contribute to scientific projects. Dive into the fascinating world of natural history. From the very beginning of life on our planet, through to its evolution over millions of years ago. We have something for every unique customer. From a rare trilobite to a slice of fossil wood, from a fossil fish to a mammal, from a tooth of a T-rex to a complete skull of a Triceratops, even a whole complete skeleton of a dinosaur. We are proud of wat we can offer to our customers We hope you enjoy your journey through our website!!

The Evolution2art team.


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We are located in Belgium, East Flanders.

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