Zuul Ankylosaur ungual

Extremely rare top quality ungual or hoof of an Ankylosaurus called Zuul crurivastator from the Judith River Formation. Zuul crurivastator was a large Ankylosaur which grew to 6 m or 18 feet. The body was covered with osteoderms or boney plates of protective armor, and had a clubbed tail for defense. Unguals of Ankylosaurs have a very specific detailed structure, very different from Hadrosaur unguals. Their structure is close to that of Triceratops but the shape of the Ungual is different. Very rare collectors item.
Zuul crurivastator
late Cretaceous (77 - 74 mil.-y)
Judith River Formation, Montana, USA
97 mm - 3.8"
Very good

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