Spectacular Astropecten Starfish

€ 2.400
Astropecten mantis of very good quality. It is exceptionally rare to have such a high quality starfish. A high majority of these are found in a muddy soil and conservation is made by impregnating the matrix with glue. The downside with such soft matrix is that part of the fossil easily gets lost and restoration is required. This specimen however was found in hard matrix and prepared, which leaves a perfect 100% natural fossil. The starfish measures 165 mm - 6 5/8" in diameter. The matrix measures 320 x 310 mm or 12 7/8" x 12 1/2".
Astropecten martis
Late Jurassic (154 -145 mil.-y)
Wimereux, France
165 mm - 6 5/8" (starfish)
Very good

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