Pteranodon longiceps wing

Rare wing of a Kansas Chalk Pteranodon. Most such wings are positioned in reconstructed matrix as the original matrix is very fragile. We wanted to do something different and mount the wing in 3D flight position which resulted in a very decorative display piece. As Pterosaur bones are hollow they are flattened during fossilisation. This makes them extremely fragile. As such we gave the bones a backing with Chalk before mounting them on a metallic frame. Pterosaur discoveries are rare, certainly when it comes to the smaller bones; This wing is almost completely original with only some restoration on Phalanx III and IV. An absolutely phenomenal object.
Pteranodon longiceps
Upper Cretaceous (87 - 82 mil y.)
Niobrara formation, Smoky Hill Chalk, Kansas, USA
128 cm - 50" (height on stand)
Very good

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