Oreodont partial skeleton

Very decorative oreodont (Merycoidodon culbertsoni) partial skeleton in original matrix, collected from the White River Formation of South Dakota. The skeleton has been collected around 1980nand comes from older layers which can be seen from the original green color. In addition to the well preserved skull and lower jaws, naturally associated bones are preserved within the rock. The skull is in excellent condition with all teeth preserved. There are two teeth that required some restoration which is quite incredible. Most skulls are found with broken and missing teeth. All bones have been kept as found with only the top of the skull having a minor retouch as a small section of the bone surface was slightly eroded. The skeleton comes with a custom made stand. Height on matrix is 40 cm or 15.8".
Merycoidodon culbertsoni
Oligocene (34 - 30 mil y)
White river formation, South Dakota, USA
460 mm - 18.1" (total length)
Good Quality

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