Megaloceros skull

€ 3.250
Rare fossil skull of the megafauna of the Ice Age period. It is a complete skull of the extinct Giant Deer or Giant Irish Elk (Megaloceros giganteus). Megaloceros skulls are most often severely damaged and usually missing most of the skull with only the back portion present where the antlers were attached. This skull is very complete. No restorations, just bone stabilisation. This makes it a very good collection item, but there is more. One will notice only 2 teeth are present. When looking closely you will see that no teeth are broken. In fact were teeth are missing there has been bone growth. This animal must have had a quite challenging life feeding with only soft vegetation as much as possible as it had only 2 teeth. This probably made it weak and was potentially the cause of death. A very nice fossil coming with a good story. Comes with a custom made stand.
Megaloceros giganteus
Pleistocene (800,000 - 30,000 y)
Central Europe
555 mm - 21.9" (length of skull)
Very good

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