Massive Woolly Rhinoceros skull

€ 12.950
Impressive and incredibly well preserved skull with lower jaws of a Pleistocene adult male Woolly Rhinoceros. This is definitely the best Rhino skull we have ever seen. All original bone on both the skull and the jaws The maxilla has nine original molars locked in the jaw tissue, and the lower jaws have seven molars. The horns are a scientifically correct reproduction, as these rarely survive the fossilisation process. With its horns this skull has a total height of 120 cm - 47" and a length of 117 cm - 46". An absolute museum quality object that would be a prime piece in any collection.
Coelodonta antiquitatis
Pleistocene (40,000 y)
North Sea Banks, The Netherlands
120 cm - 47" (height on stand)
Museum quality

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