Masiakasaurus theropod foot claw (very rare)

Extremely rare Masiakasaurus ungual or foot claw. The Masiakasaurus or "Vicious lizard" was a small (2m) theropod with a very unique dentition. It suggests that they had a specialized diet, perhaps including fish and other small prey. The claw is in excellent condition even showing some of the original nail. It is completely original in the condition as found. The dinosaur locations in Madagascar rarely deliver claws and if they do, they are as good as always Sauropod claws or unguals. To get hold of a Theropod claw is really exceptional.
Masiakasaurus knopfleri
Late Cretaceous (66 mil y)
Maevarano formation, Madagascar
37 mm - 1.5" (straight line)
Very good

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