Marra Mamba Stromatolite

Beautifully polished 2.7 billion year old, Marra Mamba Stromatolite from Western Australia. Marra Mamba is classified as a tiger iron stromatolite. Its formation is due to the cyanobacteria that formed stromatolites. Oxygen was not present in the early atmosphere, but arose as a byproduct of photosynthesis by cyanobacteria. This oxygen combined with dissolved iron in Earth's oceans formed insoluble iron oxides, which precipitated out, forming a thin layers on the ocean floor. The bands within the tiger iron represent seasonal variations in oxygen levels within Earth's oceans. Comes with a custom made stand.
Marra Mamba Stromatolite
Pre Cambrian (2.7 Billion Y)
Mt. Brockman, Western Australia
305 mm - 12"
Very good

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