Edestus shark jaw with original matrix

Very good quality Edestus shark jaw with slab of original matrix in which the jaw was found. The Edestus, also called coal shark or scissor tooth shark, is a very rare Pennsylvanian age shark species found at high debt in coal mines in Illinois. Each tooth has a triangular crown with large serrations. The roots are quite unique as they appear as long arms with the crown at the end. The Edestus shark had an upper and lower tooth row that they could use in a scissor-like motion to cut prey. It is the first animal to cut vertically. The matrix measures 400 x 265 mm or 15.75" x 10.45" Comes with custom made stands.
Edestus heinrichi
Late carboniferous (335 - 330 mil y)
Peru, Illinois, USA
194 mm - 7.6" (length jaw)
Museum quality

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