Majungatholus Abelisaurid theropod foot claw (very rare)

Extremely rare all-natural and big Abelisaurid ungual or foot claw from the Majungatholus (formerly called Majungasaurus). The claw is in excellent condition and completely original in the condition as found. The dinosaur locations in Madagascar rarely deliver claws and if they do, they are as good as always Sauropod claws or unguals. To get hold of a Theropod claw is really exceptional. Majungatholus was a medium-sized raptor about six meters long. He had a short broad head with rather small teeth and a solidly built stocky body with very small front legs and short hind legs.
Majungatholus (Majungasaurus) crenatissimus
Late Cretaceous (66 mil y)
Maevarano formation, Madagascar
65 mm - 2.6" (straight line)
Very good

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